The Bingham-Waggoner Estate

I’ve mentioned a few times before that Sean’s sister, Allison, is getting married in June (here and here, specifically).  Since their venue, the Bingham-Waggoner Estate, is in Independence, Missouri, not far from Sean’s hometown, we toured the space the day after Christmas.  (Please note: when I wrote this the Estate’s link wasn’t working.  I linked it anyway in the event it starts to work again.  If it’s not working for you and you’re interested, you can get more information here and on their Facebook page here.)

Christmas 2013 119That’s Shelley coming outside in this picture.  Isn’t her pink coat a nice break from all the winter dreary?  And isn’t this a pretty house with a great porch.  I think they need a swing out there but that’s just me.

Christmas 2013 105This was very modern for the time (honestly, I can’t remember what time…the house was built in 1879 but I think this was installed after).  A light fixture containing gas AND electric lights.  The owner didn’t think electricity would take off.  It’s funny now that this was fancy or even a thing.  More importantly, that someone didn’t think electricity would take off.  I wonder what it will be that future generations think is funny about us.  I would be willing to travel in time just to observe that.Christmas 2013 107Christmas 2013 106Christmas 2013 108Studs in the wall…an attempt to make a feminine room more masculine.  Interesting.Christmas 2013 109Christmas 2013 111How great is this music sheet wreath?Christmas 2013 110Christmas 2013 112This is a terrible picture of a really fascinating giant music box.  It’s one of three in the world and it is very impressive!Christmas 2013 116Christmas 2013 114I loved these lamps in the dining room.Christmas 2013 117

This is only a small sample of the estate.  It has all kinds of interesting pieces.  If you find yourself in Independence and like house tours, I recommend it!

Then we headed to lunch and failed at being helpful about wedding planning.  It’s so hard, isn’t it, to keep your mouth shut when you have experience and you learned valuable lessons from that experience and you feel like you need to share that with everyone else going through something similar.  But really!  I learned this and I want to see you be successful!  If you do as I did you will be!  We can’t really know that to be true but it really feels like we do.  And so it’s hard to know where that line is of sharing and being helpful and crossing it and overstepping.  As the older, wiser (at least in our minds) and already married people we are, we may have overstepped.  It’s tough.  I’m not going to go so far as to say that the lesson was fully learned here.  I have a feeling that opinions on the best approach will be imposed on someone again in our lifetime, but an interesting experience all the same.

No matter what, in June 2014 two people who love each very much will embark on a lifetime together.  And no matter how that plays out, it will be wonderful and lovely because it’s the love and the lifetime and the commitment that it’s really all about anyway.  (Just call me the Linus of weddings.)

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