Date Night & the Year of Rice

Last Thursday, Sean and I were desperate for a date night.  Even though it’s not great to be desperate, it’s nice to be on the same page.  Between the cold and just wanting to be cozy at home after traveling for the holidays, we hadn’t been out just the two of us since Raphael’s.  That’s over two weeks of nothing but dinners in jammies over Jeopardy!  Which is awesome, but it was time to shake things up.  So we did.  We headed to our favorite place in Alexandria.  We’ve been there 1 photo 2

We talked, we laughed, we ate things that made us happy, we caught up with the staff we’ve befriended there, it was great.  We left refreshed.  I never thought just a dinner out could make you feel refreshed but that’s exactly what happened.  Our moods were sour before we entered and much happier when we 3 photo 4

As we drove to Brabo, I told Sean a story I’d heard that day.  Someone I know was cooking for her date that night.  She’s not much of a cook but decided on a crock pot dish over rice.  She was really nervous about the crock pot.  But she was even more nervous that the rice wouldn’t turn out, so she ordered it to go from a Cuban restaurant in her neighborhood.  She was going to play it off to her date that she made the whole meal, including the rice.  Isn’t that funny?  Sean totally got it.  Non-instant real rice is difficult to master.  Honestly I’ve never tried so I didn’t know.  I’ve always gone for those awesome Uncle Ben’s 90 second deals.  Sean’s made rice a handful of times.  I didn’t realize he was bad at it or felt that he was bad at it.  So we decided that 2014 for Sean is the year of rice.  He’s going to start cooking it and see if he can master this tricky food this year.  We’re not so planned out about the approach.  He might try making rice once a week or it might be once a month.  However we decide, we’ll keep you updated and, finger crossed, he’ll be the best rice maker by 2015!  (No pressure, Favorite.)  (Or even if he’s not, he’ll at least have some strategies for being a better rice maker.)photo 6I’m pretty excited to see how this ends up at the end of the year.  I think Sean is too.

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