Rice Attempts #1 and #2

photo 11Sean’s first attempt to master rice happened last Monday.  He bought brown rice at the store and followed the directions on the back. photo 12

Finding non-instant rice in the grocery store was quite the task, so this brand isn’t a favorite or even one we’d used before.  It was simply the brand available.  I wasn’t there for most of Sean’s cooking process, but he remembered to take pictures for me!  photo 2

Sean likes butter so our version definitely included the optional butter.  photo 3 photo 5

We think that one of the difficulties we’ll have with mastering rice in our kitchen is the fact that our stove is electric instead of gas.  Or maybe it’s more that it’s difficult to maintain the right temperature on our stove.  When you set the burner to a low number it barely heats up but when you change it to a higher number it gets too hot too quick.  It makes cooking on it tough.  At the beginning of his process, Sean moved the Le Creuset on and off the burner in an effort to keep the rice at the right, lower temperature.  photo 6 For this first attempt Sean choose the Le Creuset.  He wanted to see if the heavier lid would remain tight during the cooking process.  He doesn’t think it worked any better than using a regular pot (which he did the next night, Tuesday night, his second attempt).  photo 7photo 8Sadly, not all of the liquid cooked off and the rice was still a little underdone at the end of the recommended cooking time.  We cooked it a little longer and it was better.  photo 9On its own it was a little mushy yet still a little underdone.  An odd and disappointing combination.photo 10This is no the best picture, but we ended up throwing this into our version of chicken tortilla soup (minus the tortilla this time since we used rice).  It was a great addition to the soup and it didn’t matter that it wasn’t cooked perfectly.  We were happy with the result overall even though this first attempt at rice wasn’t successful.

Sean’s second attempt was pretty much the same.  Fine in the soup but not the best example of rice on it’s own.  Again, the only difference in the process was a pot instead of the Le Creuset.photo 13

And this is why we’re calling it the year of the rice!  2014 has plenty more weeks and months left for our continued attempts!

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