Phoenix 006Phoenix. How do I begin with you?  We spent this past weekend in Phoenix.  It was such a mixed bag.  We had the opportunity to go to Phoenix thanks to Sean’s conference schedule.  It’s been mentioned before that Sean attends and is an active participant in conferences on a regular basis.  At least three times a year, to be exact.  This first conference of 2014 was held at the Arizona Biltmore.  “The jewel of the dessert since 1929”, it touts.  Designed in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, it is architecturally beautiful.  In a few areas this jewel may be a little past its prime.  And my goodness, $24 for a sad salad and a bottle of water!

Phoenix 032photo 6Phoenix 039photo 7Phoenix 051Phoenix 049Phoenix 045Phoenix 047Phoenix 052

As Sean moves up in his conference world and is recognized for his efforts he becomes busier each time.  Although I got a manicure, finished an entire book, and basked in glorious 77 degree weather in the middle of January, I was lonely.

Phoenix 043

I’m a little disappointed in myself that I allowed myself to be lonely.  Or that I’m having trouble reflecting on the experience with “hey!  now I don’t have to worry about that book club book!” or “you relaxed and there’s nothing wrong with that.”  I can’t help but feel like I could have experienced Phoenix better and that I missed an opportunity.  Phoenix is a sprawling city that requires a car, so maybe I would have been better off if I could have walked to a museum.  Maybe I should have just broken the rental car rules and driven somewhere even though my name wasn’t on the reservation/gotten over my fear of driving in a strange city.  There are many maybes, and I have until September to figure them out so this doesn’t happen to me again.

Phoenix 038

For Sean’s part, he did great!  His panel went really well, and he’s got another tax court dinner to plan and another panel to help organize for May.

Then we boarded separate planes, me back home to DC and Sean to Portland for a client meeting, and the weekend was over.  I can’t decided if this is okay or this is a habit I should work on, but I got teary when we parted.  Sean comes home tonight.  We were apart for only two nights!  Lonely on top of lonely is hard I guess.  photo 5Aiden and I are just a bunch of mopes without Sean around.

Some good things happened in Phoenix…it wasn’t all loneliness.  Two posts with much happier experiences during this trip are up next.

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