Pizza Night

We really like pizza.  There are at least four references to us eating pizza, wanting pizza, thinking about getting pizza, and making pizza on this blog.  I’m sure you’re wondering what else we could possibly say on pizza.  Well this week we made a pizza and it didn’t include a single piece of pepperoni!  It’s unprecedented in our household!  It’s blog-worthy.

Pizza Night 020

This was all Sean’s idea, too.  The man famous for ordering at least extra, extra pepperoni at the bare minimum.  Instead of making our own dough we used flatbreads already available in the store.  Shredded chicken (!) took the place of the usual pepperoni and breakfast sausage.  Then there were lots of other ingredients that were the same.

Pizza Night 017

Isn’t Aiden peeking up so cute back there?  It’s nice that he made his way into the kitchen.  While we’re cooking, he can often be found here:

Pizza Night 018


Anyway, the pizza turned out really well.  Have you ever tried flat bread for pizza crust instead of regular dough?  I recommend it.  While we will go back to pepperoni pizza of course, shredded chicken was a pretty happy substitute.

Pizza Night 021

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