photo 1We:

Are so happy for the second season of House of Cards!  Are very much pajamas and couch people so far this winter…if you couldn’t already tell from the pictures in this post and our January iPhone pictures.  Baby, it’s been cold out there.

photo 2


Won the first case he’s ever taken to trial!!  Such a victory!  Has been very generous with hugs lately.  Has been calling me a lot at work to see how my day is going and tell me about his, making for a nice break from work activities together even if we’re in separate buildings and separate parts of the city.

photo 4


Really likes to be close, even if that means parking himself in some of the most inconvenient spots in the house.

photo 6


Is enjoying her new cozy slippers, thanks to Sean.  Is working on a new scrap book that she is VERY excited about.  Loves listening to books on and catching up on This American Life podcasts while cleaning.  Currently listening to And The Mountains Echoed.

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