Dinner with my Valentine


Our Valentine’s Day plans were originally scheduled for the Saturday after, but those didn’t end up working out quite as expected.  Luckily, our foodie tendencies have made us some restaurant friends, one of which saved us on actual Valentine’s Day.  Completely last minute, Sean emailed the manager at BLT Steak.  Of course everything was booked, but he said he’d save us a seat at the bar and get us a reservation if someone canceled.  We started at the bar, but very briefly because someone did indeed cancel.  We were given a very awesome and cozy little table!  It was so fun.

Valentine Table

Fun, but I have to admit I was a little embarrassed.  We were not dressed to sit at the coziest table at the restaurant.  I did not leave for work on Friday thinking I would end up anywhere but back at home for dinner.  Couples showed up in their heals and fancy bags and full suits (!)…and we were in jeans.  I know this shouldn’t matter, because, honestly, who was even paying attention to me on Valentine’s Day?  But being inappropriately dressed always makes me uncomfortable.  Like I don’t appreciate the place or event enough.  But I really, truly did!

Valentine Popover

These popovers are my favorite part of BLT Steak.  Sure, the rest of the food is good but these popovers are worth the trip.  Popovers are a big deal on my Mom’s side.  We love them for breakfast and there are all kinds of tactics for achieving the prefect popover.  I haven’t perfected the popover, mostly because I haven’t really tried.  And I feel kind of bad that I’m about to write this, but I wish my momma lived closer so that we could spend some quality time in the kitchen and she could tell me all about popovers and we could make them all weekend until they were perfect.  That and her recipe for potato salad.  I should have paid more attention when I was younger.

Jeez, how did we get here?

So Valetine’s Day, despite being last minute in inappropriate clothing and sparking a bit of regret upon reflection for not learning how to make popovers sooner, was a really fantastic time together.  Sean’s the best Valentine I could ever ask for, and for that I’m truly grateful.

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