Snow Day

Monday was my third snow day this winter.  Luckily, Sean’s office has also been closed for the last two.  Snow days are so much better with company, so much cozier.  Even though snow and days off of work have been common this winter, when I received an alert from the city of Alexandria Sunday night I not nervous.  It warned us to be prepared for power outages and up to three days without the ability to travel!  What!?  I shared the alert with Sean.

“We need to stock up on water!” he 2

“Sarah, why do we have all these pitchers?”  “Two matching crystal for future breakfasts when we have company over and water and orange juice are served, one smaller crystal pitcher for a smaller crowd, one stylish plastic pitcher in case we have a pool one day, and this last plastic pitcher you brought to the marriage.”  Obviously, husband.

“With all these pitchers do we really need to fill the punch bowl, too?” he 1

Apparently not.

“Oh my gosh, do we have enough flashlights in case the power goes out?  How will we see anything?” (Me.)photo 3

I forgot we were campers.  While flashlights and lots of pitchers are not all one needs to survive a power outage for multiple days, we were more prepared than I realized.  Go A Team.

I’d just like to clarify that this isn’t our usual style.  We don’t usually stock up on anything before a storm.  We’ve never whiped out that emergency kit before.  But for some reason this one got to us.

Yes, we had snow, and yes our neighborhood was poorly prepared so the roads remained un-plowed even into Tuesday morning, but we didn’t lose power and things were just fine.  Cozy and warm and snowy.  So I made hot chocolate.

photo 4photo 9photo 11

I used this recipe.  I love Pinzey’s so much I was happy to find a recipe that included vanilla extract.  Personally, I needed much more chocolate, so I would double the cocoa powder and sugar amounts if I were to make it again.  Maybe the vanilla, too.

Then we did some working form home and snow falling 12photo 8

It was nice to be snowed in together (again), but enough.  Enough, Mother Nature.  I’m ready for March to turn into a lamb.

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