Volunteering and Cabin Fever

Sunday night I volunteered with the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary.  It’s my committee assignment through Junior League for the next two years.  The Apothecary is a pretty neat space.  It’s a time capsule.  When the Apothecary closed in 1933 they locked the doors and walked out.  Luckily the property was purchased immediately and turned into a museum six years later in 1939.  Everything inside, include the ingredients in the jars, is original.  I just love that!

photo 1

When I signed up for a volunteer shift on a Sunday night I knew I wouldn’t be excited about it when the day came.  Sunday nights are so important to me (and us) for winding down before going back to work on Monday.  Sure enough, as my shift time drew nearer yesterday I didn’t want to go.  I had gotten up early to take Sean to the airport for a business trip, and I was cozy on the couch in pajamas with Aiden.  If I didn’t go I could watch an Oscar-nominated film that Sean would never agree to.  But I went, of course, because I committed and that’s what you do.  It was so fun!

photo 2

Last month I got together with my “book club” friends and everyone talked about how they were suffering from cabin fever due to all the cold and snow this winter.  I didn’t relate and told Sean as much.  He said our trip to Phoenix in January helped.  While I think he was probably right a month ago, that trip did not sustain me all the way to now.  I think I’ve suffered from cabin fever without even realizing because it felt so good to be out of my house and out in public last night.  To do something and not just go to work or have dinner out.  To be among a new set of people.  I talked with the other docents and learned that the Marine Corp Band plays for free during the winter probably five minutes from our house and on the Mall when the weather in warm and they aren’t traveling.  I learned that our Bill of Rights was largely based (as in word-for-word copied in some places, at least according to this docent who seemed very knowledgeable on the subject) on Virginia’s Bill of Rights which was written by George Mason.  I had no idea!  Sadly for George Mason he gets hardly any of the credit for this.  I had never heard of George Mason until I moved to Arlington and realized George Mason University was a metro stop.  Poor guy.  But so interesting, right?  Also, his estate can be toured and is perfect for a picnic lunch in the Spring.  Oh, Spring!  Where are you?

photo 3

Volunteering was a nice change of pace.  Then I woke up to snow and another snow day yesterday.  Which was really disappointing.  I really hate to complain because I know several winters from now when there’s not a snowflake in sight I’ll be sad.  But this cold and snow is really getting to me.  On the bright side, at least I had a bag of Cadbury mini eggs to help me through yesterday and a dog who was feeling very snuggly to make up for the lack of husband.

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