Anniversary Celebration

This year our anniversary celebration was on the quiet side.  We had thoughts of going to Charleston, SC for the weekend (two years is the cotton anniversary so why not celebrate in the South?  Get it?) but we decided against it for a variety of reasons.  Instead we went to Poste, the restaurant in the Hotel Monaco in DC.  We were married in the Hotel Monaco in Old Town so thought it would be fun to celebrate in a similar but not exactly the same place. photo 8

Poste was my idea.  I made the reservation.  It was nice, but it wasn’t wow.  I had a hard time with this during our dinner.  I was sad I hadn’t been able to come up with something more wow for our anniversary.  I’m so excited about being married for two years!  I’m so excited about starting on year three!  The whole marriage thing feels like wow!  He didn’t say it exactly this way, but Sean pointed out to me that that was enough.  Feeling wow about two years and getting to spend the weekend together was the best kind of celebration.  I know he’s right, and I’m glad I have him to point out these things to me, but I’m still kicking myself for not telling the restaurant to write “happy anniversary” on our dessert at least.  photo 1photo 2photo 3I started with frog legs, which were pretty tasty.  My Grandma Sarah loves frog legs so I order them sometimes when I see them in her honor.  It certainly helps that I like them, 4Steak frites for dinner.  Those fries were great.  Sean ordered the Rib Eye as his steak and it was the 5photo 9

Still a night to be recorded in the good things jar and still a very happy anniversary.

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