photo 1We don’t usually celebrate our dating anniversary anymore, but this year we decided it was a must.  (Or it was a must to have an excuse to go to Blue Duck Tavern.  I’m not sure the real reason matters.) Plus, we haven’t been awesome at mid-week dates this winter.  Or maybe I should say I haven’t been awesome at them.  Sean has suggested plenty of dates, but I have often been the one to veto.  It was too cold, or I wanted to be in my pajamas, or it was too hard to think about what I wanted to eat and which restaurant served a menu of food items I could eat.  I really struggled this winter.  But I’m coming on the other side of it now, hence all the blog posts!

Sean and I met up at Blue Duck Tavern for our third date.  We had dinner plans but were meeting at the bar first.  He arrived early.  I came in so excited because I just gotten off the phone with a recruiter about a new job.  I talked excitedly about it and then all of a sudden a waitress came and put down a vodka tonic in front of me.  Sean arranged this before I got there.  He knew from our other dates that it was my favorite drink at the time.  I felt so special.  Special that a drink magically appeared in front of me upon arrival, but more importantly that this guy across the table was so interested that he listened, considered, and acted intentionally all for me.  Swoon.

photo 5photo 3photo 4

We did our best to recreate our third date while we were at Blue Duck this week.  We were lucky enough to snag pretty much the exact same table we sat in at the bar four years ago.

(On a side note we were discussing the blog over dinner, and Sean made the comment that you, our readers, must think he only spends time on his phone and never pays attention to me.  That’s not true.  Sean doesn’t like having his picture taken, so this is me making sure a person makes it into the photos from time to time.  These pictures are sneak attacks!)

We had a really nice time at dinner.  Sean made this reservation and, unlike me, he remembered to tell them it was our anniversary.  To help us celebrate, they brought Sean some champagne and me a mocktail with sparkling cider.  I don’t know about you, but a glass of water just doesn’t feel celebratory.  At all.  I’ve really developed a love for lemonade and mocktails 8

After our dinner four years ago we walked over to Dupont Circle for a dessert of Ben & Jerry’s.  So we made the same walk after our dinner on Tuesday.  Sadly, the Ben & Jerry’s in Dupont Circle is now a Jamba Juice.  We went home instead and Sean and I each had a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg from his stash.  It was very sweet of him to share since Easter is over so we can’t restock.  Even sans Ben & Jerry’s it was a nice way to cap off our two years of marriage celebration this year.

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