Home Alone

Sean’s been out of town a lot lately, so when I saw this blog post from one of my favorites, Cup of Jo, I laughed out loud at the image.  It’s so comforting to know that when home alone I’m not the only person that eats a completely random assortment of foods or talks to a pet. Sean’s most recent time away was this past Sunday & Monday.  On Monday I asked Aiden about his day and I think he fully enjoyed his midday walk with his dogwalker despite the grey weather.  Then, over and over, I sang to him phrases from a Beauty & the Beast song.  Specifically:  “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere/ I want it more than I can tell/ And for once it might be grand/ To have someone understand/ I want so much more than they’ve got planned.” (Around 5:20 in the video I’ve linked, if you want a refresher.)  I feel on the brink of one of the greatest adventures of my life, so I’m not looking for more adventure.  But I think Aiden was cool with it even though no one could understand where the urge to sing this particular song came from.


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