Week 16

Week 16I’ll be doing these weekly bump updates every Monday from now on, and I’ll write about the week after the fact.  I start a new week each Sunday, so as I write about week 16 this morning I’m currently 17 weeks and 1 day.

Last week I stayed up until 10:00 P.M.!! every single night and was still able to get up the next morning to exercise almost every single morning!  It feels like such a victory to get back to my normal bedtime!  I’ve had a very easy pregnancy compared to many so I don’t mean to complain, but being tired and falling asleep somewhere between 8:00-9:00 p.m. every night was starting to get to me.  I’m crossing my fingers it wasn’t just a week 16 fluke.

While I could still fit into my normal jeans and my less fitted dresses last week, I feel like this bump is getting ready to pop.  (At 16 weeks Baby A was about the size of an avocado.)  I’m sad it’s so hard to tell in this picture, but Sean looked at me when I got home in this outfit and said, “that bump is giant!”  I guess I’m still figuring out what to wear to make these pictures effective.  But it’s there and growing!

Last week I spent time focusing on my belly every day to see if I could feel some quickening.  (I wondered why it was called that, too.  Assuming it’s accurate, the legal history section of this Wikipedia page clears that up.)  I didn’t feel anything, so I guess my first quickening experiences aren’t for another few weeks.  Which is okay.  It’ll happen when it happens.

Overall, at week 16 I’m more relaxed and just enjoying the process.  And that’s a nice place to be…finally.

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