Tax Court Dinner

photo 1About a year ago I wrote about our evening at the US Tax Court for an event Sean helped organize.  We were back again last night for the now annual Tax Court dinner.  Sean was not the only person to plan this event, but he certainly helped make it happen for a second year in a row.

photo 2

As with last year, the agenda included networking, dinner, and a program.  This year’s program focused on electronic court room presentations, and so, unlike last year, the Tax Court’s electronic court room was open.

photo 4

Sean and his colleagues argued and won a case (Sean’s first time at trial!) right in this court room!  I was happy to see it.  It’s not a very glamorous court room, is it?  Almost two years ago when Sean told me they had gotten the electronic court room for the trial I envisioned white walls and large monitors everywhere.  It’s much different than I expected.

photo 5

Unfortunately this picture is blurry, but can you see how great the stairwells are?  It’s my favorite part of the Tax Court.  There’s so much room!  I like the cement walls and big numbers.  There’s no doubt which floor you’re on.

Do you know what it means that we’ve been to two Tax Court dinners and both times can be found here on this blog?  It’s the blog’s birthday this week!  Happy birthday, Future Together!  (Our archives are small to begin with, but you read the post that started it all here.)

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