Week 17

Week 17

Look, there is definitely a baby there!  We took this picture on Tuesday.  By Thursday it felt like some serious changes happened to the bump.  The bump is bigger and getting less soft and more protective.  It feels like almost over night it popped.

The most exciting thing this week was quickening!  I started to feel a baby bubble or two on Monday.  This probably sounds silly but I wondered if I’d miss out on quickening.  What if it happened and I didn’t realize?  Would I be able to tell the difference between a baby bubble or flutter and other internal happenings?  As I started to fall asleep on Thursday there were bubbles and flutters happening like crazy!  It was so fun and so obviously baby movements.  I told Sean and wished instead of just telling him he could feel it too.  But that’s one of the privileges of being a mom and a woman.

PS – A friend this weekend pointed out to us that we are exactly five months out today.  Not that we’re expecting to hit our due date perfectly, but so fun!

2 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. So fun! Soon enough Sean will be able to see and feel Baby A moving too. What a special time for the two of you!!!

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