Dinner Party

Dinner party 012Occasionally Sean will whip up a special meal for just us two, but he really likes it best when his audience is more than just one (and a biased one at that).  The last time we had someone over for dinner was January, so he was really itching to cook something big and elaborate.  So he was in his element and really happy to host some friends this past Saturday.

Last June when we visited my cousin, Nicole, and her boyfriend, Frankie, they were kind enough to give us a cookbook from étoile.  Sean pulled out what felt like half our collection of cookbooks to prepare for this event, but it was the étoile cookbook he ended up using exclusively for his dinner plan.  And planned he did!Dinner party 021

I’m sure it would be helpful here to talk about how he planned, and the strategies cooks who know what they’re doing use to time their meals properly, but I have no idea how that magic works.  Sometimes I ask Sean questions as I prepare for a blog post, but an interview with him slipped my mind this time.  I just know that for this dinner Sean timed everything exactly right.  He usually gets it pretty close but this time really was magic and seemingly easy.

Dinner party 022Not pictured here on our makeshift bar is my sparkling cider.  That stuff is delicious.  Do you remember?  If it’s been awhile, you should go get yourself some.  Celebrate hump day this week with a glass of sparkling.  It’s going to make your week better, I promise.

Dinner party 025

When Sean’s family threw a recipe shower for me as a bride-to-be I walked away with probably four different recipes for spiced nuts.  They’re big fans.  I’m a convert now, too.Dinner party 027

I was nervous for Sean when he said he wanted to do a Parmesan soufflé.  I’ve never made a soufflé before and they seem difficult and fragile.  Sean did two test runs leading up to our party, and this third one was wonderful!  Way to conquer soufflé, Fave!

Dinner party 030

We finished with braised veal cheeks with celery root puree.  Have you ever seen a celery root?  They are weird and much larger than I ever expected was necessary to grow celery stalks.

The food was good, the company was better, and Aiden even let these strangers pet him!  A big success all around.  And I think Sean’s itch was just made itchier, really.

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