Week 18

Week 18I look at the photos of babies in my Facebook feed and on other blogs, and I wonder what that’s going to be like to have a physical baby in our lives.  A baby in a belly is very exciting and easily romanticized, but what will this be like really?  I’m so curious.  What will we be like sleep deprived and out of our elements?  What will we be like with a whole new person to love?  What does that feel like when your heart grows to accommodate that much new love?  I realize I’ll find this out soon enough, but I’ve been thinking and wondering about this a lot lately.

I’ve also been wondering a lot lately about what pre-baby classes we really need.  There’s lots of options.  Are all of them necessary?  Is it possible to achieve a balance of being prepared enough without being crazy and spending your life savings on classes that you might not even remember by the time the baby arrives anyway?  I’ve been asking my questions of other recent moms and think I have the right answer for us.

This week was a good one.  I felt pretty great.  Baby A seems to be doing just fine and movements are starting to become predictable.  Like when I’m hungry or when I’m settling down to go to sleep.  Sean’s spent some time with hands on my belly just to see if maybe he can feel something.  Baby A’s not ready to move for him, though.  Baby A quiets down when this happens. It’s probably not intentional.  We read that the baby is only awake for about six hours a day at this point.  Sounds cozy.

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