A Wedding in Boston

Starting last weekend, the next five weeks are filled with two weddings, two baby showers, and two graduate school graduations!  All of these life changes that we get to be part of!  Life!  It’s happening all around us in so many ways and I’m so excited we’re part of it all!  (How about a few more exclamation points for good measure?  !!!!)

Our first life event: a wedding in Boston.  Sean’s friend and former colleague, Bryan, and the lovely Julia got married this past weekend.  Their ceremony took place on MIT’s campus in a beautiful chapel.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

This was a really nice ceremony and it made me teary.  It also made me understand why people choose to renew their vows.  Committing love and life out loud in front of family and friends is really a nice tradition.  Why not do it more than once?

photo 6I’ve always loved the look of longer tables at a wedding, but every other wedding I’ve been to has featured round tables.  Can you image how much fun it must have been to get through all of those bottles of wine for each table’s centerpiece?  What a fun way to experiment and develop your wine palate.
photo 7

See those napkins?  They were part of the favors!  I walked away with a set of four, which made me very happy.

photo 9

photo 10

It was a great wedding to kick off our mini season of life events!

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