Cambridge, MA

Technically Bryan and Julia were married in Cambridge and celebrated in Watertown.  Similar to our trip to San Francisco last fall, we arrived in Cambridge with no itinerary!  We had a few meal reservations but otherwise this was a fly by the seat of our pants kind of trip.  That being said, what we ended up doing looked very much like any other trip we take.  Let’s walk all around and hit major landmarks.  Instead of pre-planned destinations along our route, this time we walked all around and saw what we saw.

When there’s a pre-planned itinerary involved in vacation, I’m responsible.  I create the structure, I research the landmarks/activities/etc, and I’ll be the first to think of food options.  Of course Sean gets a say and he usually makes adjustments to food, but I drive this process.  I do this because going off-the-cuff is just really not my strong suit, vacations included.  So without a plan, Sean took the lead.  And it was really nice.

photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Almost as soon as we got off the plane we went in search of lunch.  We found a great pub and every bit of my lunch made me so happy!

photo 6 photo 7 photo 8 photo 9

We walked out of Cambridge and into Boston proper.  We picked up with Commonwealth Avenue Mall, which is bordered by streets with beautiful houses, and made our way to Boston Common.

photo 10

Two mama ducks! photo 11Our brood will never be that large.

photo 12 photo 13 photo 14 photo 15We met up with friends for dinner and drinks at The Liberty Hotel.  We stayed at The Liberty Hotel the last time we were in Boston and love it.  It’s an old prison converted into hotel with restaurants and bars with clever names like Clink. and Alibi and The Catwalk.

photo 18 photo 16 photo 17

On Saturday before the wedding we went to breakfast at a total hole in the wall.  Honestly I’m not sure it was up to code but it was still a fun experience.  Certainly not one we’d have had with an itinerary.

photo 19 photo 21 photo 20

We attempted to tour Henry W. Longfellow’s house, but it was closed for tours until later this month.  We got to talk around the gardens, which was nice, but I’m so curious how a writer came into such a lovely home and why the landmark’s official name is Longfellow House Washington’s Headquarters.  My mom was the first person to say to me, “I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it, but my feet show it because they are Longfellows.”  I thought (and still think) that was so clever.  That’s the extent of what I know about Longfellow, actually, but I love an historic house tour.

photo 22 photo 25

I had trouble getting these pictures right, but Harvard was our last landmark before heading back to our hotel.  We got in a nice long walk and were able to see so much of Cambridge, which was nice.  And we got to be together and chat about babies & our growing family, our lives together, work, life, etc. as we walked.  Equally nice as exploring Cambridge.

2 thoughts on “Cambridge, MA

  1. You got to see the ducklings! At least some of the original sketches he did for the book are on display at the Boston Public Library. I hope someday to get back to Boston to see the ducklings and the sketches.

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