Brunch with Alli & Mike!

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For the last two years and for the next, oh, five days (give or take) Sean’s youngest sister Alli has been living in Boston with her soon-to-be husband (!, t minus 22 days but who’s counting?), Mike.  Mike and Alli had a really busy weekend last weekend, but we were able to sneak in a brunch before heading back to DC.  And it was so great.  Partially because Sunday was Mike’s graduate school graduation and he spent it with us!  He’s a master in French Horn performance now.  But also great because it’s nice to be with your people, you know?  People who will let you go on and on about random physics things, who have shared memories like specialty cheeses that taste like hot dogs and mustard, who remember your birthday is coming up and give you amazing things like a paper flower book.  (I agree that you have this same thing with friends, but if you’ve been reading this blog for any period of time you know that I really enjoy being with our families.)

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We went to Park Restaurant & Bar for brunch, and I recommend it if you’re in Cambridge.  Mike and I both got the stuffed French toast.  It was so delicious.  Sean had a Bloody Mary with vodka infused with jalapenos, which is right up his alley.  I also learned that eggs over hard was a thing.  I didn’t realize.  Now that I’m pregnant I don’t order eggs out and only make well cooked scrambled ones at home.  I am desperate for a poached egg.  Eggs over hard wouldn’t really be anything like a poached egg, but I’m considering it as an option the next time I want eggs but not scrambled.  Thanks for that, Alli.

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