Week 19

Week 19We’re having a boy!!  Last Wednesday, when we found out, he made himself known the whole day.  Bubbles and flutters all over the place.  “Hey Mom, I’m right here!  Don’t forget.”  As if I could.

We shared some sonogram pictures with our families, and the response back from Sean’s mom was how nice it was to be able to use he and him and his for Baby A now.  She also commented how it felt more real.  I couldn’t agree more.  I love being able to say he and him and his instead of Baby A all the time in order to avoid calling our baby it, or sometimes actually calling our baby it.  I like searching the internet for boy clothes and other baby boy things, and imagining what we’ll do together and mother and son.  It’s exciting!

My parents and sister came to Arlington to visit over the long weekend.  On Sunday some of my parents’ friends joined us in Arlington for a casual visit.  I babysat their kids and was reminded about how much I loved the little boys I watched.  Those little boys were so sweet and excited about everything.  Like Reed.  I liked them and they liked me.  I had forgotten, but was happy to be reminded that a sweet, excited little boy gets to be ours.

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