Memorial Day Weekend: Washington Monument

Memorial Day 005

My family was in town for Memorial Day Weekend!  I can’t remember how long we’d been planning this, but it felt like it took forever to get here and then it went by all too quickly.  Although brief, it was a really nice visit.  Aside for getting to be together, the highlight of the weekend for me was seeing the Washington Monument.  It was fun to play tourist, and it helped that there weren’t too many crowds.  More importantly, in the 10+ years I’ve been in this area plus all the grade school field trips, I’ve never been to the top of the Washington Monument.  It was time.

Memorial Day 009 Memorial Day 012

There was an earthquake in August 2011 that damaged the Monument and shut it down until this month.  Perfect timing for us!  Prefect weather, too.  It was a great day to be outside.

Even though we had to wait in line, it was fun to wait in line together.  And much of that was thanks to Dustin.  He made all kinds of remarks about my high school self.  The perks of your sister marrying her high school sweetheart, I guess.  A non-family member to remember you at an awkward time.  He reminded Maggie that the two of them have been together for half their lives at this point.  Which was sweet, but that’s a long time.  Dustin’s antics entertained the people in line around us, really.  He’s good to have around.

Memorial Day 015 Memorial Day 016Memorial Day 018 Memorial Day 019 Memorial Day 021 Memorial Day 022 It’s pretty quick once you get up there, but I loved it.  I love being up high and looking out of windows.  I especially love those tiny boats around the Jefferson Memorial.

Memorial Day 026 IMG_0508.JPGMemorial Day 029States and organizations have commemorative stones inside the monument!

Memorial Day 030Oh, I love these people!


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