Memorial Day Weekend: Snapshots

It’s hard to tell a full story about the rest of our time together for Memorial Day Weekend.  We talked, we caught up, we shared, we laughed, we hugged, we ate good things, and just generally enjoyed being together.  So here are the snapshots of all of that.

Memorial Day 034 Memorial Day 033We had dinner at Rasika West End after our trip up the Washington Monument.  There were aspects of the appetizers that Dustin wanted to hold on to for his entrees, so he made himself a little basket and looks pretty pleased with himself about it.

Memorial Day 037 Memorial Day 038Sunday morning we had brunch at Blue Duck Tavern.  While it’s a favorite of ours for dinner, this was our first time there for brunch.  It was delicious.  These waffles made me so happy!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3dunkAirDustin & Maggie are always camera ready and really enjoyed the school playground.

photo 4 photo 7I think Apples to Apples is a new family favorite.  My dad really got into this game.

photo 9 photo 8We decided to have our own grown-up version of prom photos.

Memorial Day 041The original four!

Having my family visit us this weekend was my first experience as an extended stay host.  It was a really interesting experience and I have a whole new appreciation for my Steppie, who made it look so easy, and any other person who has hosted me in their home for an extended period of time, especially around the holidays and especially with more than just four people total and especially when everyone is actually staying in your house (not in a hotel like my family did).  I called my mom last night and we got on this topic.  She asked me if we’d recovered yet.  At first I didn’t want to answer.  How do you say no to that without it sounding like you didn’t have a good time or enjoyed hosting?  We loved hosting them.  We loved cooking meals and planning activities.  We will absolutely did it again and again and we will get better and fingers crossed it will get easier.  But providing food and entertainment and a comfortable place to be is a big responsibility, and exhausting.  I feel like there are a few people out there that I haven’t thank properly for their hospitality.  I almost feel some out-of-the-blue thank you for hosting me years ago thank you notes might need to be written this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend: Snapshots

  1. S… Thank you so much for your playground party. It was a very nice social. Yes, it his hard work hosting but those Aha moments are so worth it. Love the blog!

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