Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me!  This is me on my 10th birthday above.  I’m striking the pose that became my favorite all the way through high school (and made a reappearance at my bachelorette party…), in my favorite twirling skirt ever, about to eat my favorite birthday cake, and having my favorite kind of tea party (ginger ale “tea” with cherries for sugar lumps and grenadine for cream).  Today I turn 31 and Sean filled this past weekend with many of my current favorite things: sparking cider, Phish Food ice cream, chocolate, Mexican food, a hearty breakfast, and lots of affection.  It’s been a nice celebration so far and a great start to an exciting year.

4 thoughts on “31!

  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah!!! Love the pose!! There is so much joy and happiness in that pose. Hope this coming year brings you many opportunities to express that.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sarah!! I was 31 when Eric was born – you’re bringing back great memories for me. Thank you 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

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