Team PINK!

A good friend of mine from college, Ashley, is pregnant and not too much further ahead of me, which is fun.  She’s having a girl and we showered both ladies this past weekend.  Ashley’s mom hosted this shower, and it was Team Pink all the way.

Ashley's Shower 011
Ashley's Shower 004 Ashley's Shower 012 Ashley's Shower 015Ashley's Shower 007 Ashley's Shower 018

Are you able to fully appreciate from the pictures above that Ashley’s mom had her doggies dyed pink for the occasion?!  How fun is that? They were sweet dogs, too.

Ashley’s mom bursts with love and excitement for Ashley and for her opportunity to be part of this really amazing time in Ashley’s life.  It came across in everything from the details of the decorations to the way to interacted with Ashley.  All of her enthusiasm was just so wonderful.

Ashley's Shower 002

It was so great to catch up with these ladies!  It’s been so long since we’ve gotten together and seeing them again was so great!

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