Week 21

Week 21A co-worker of mine told me that she didn’t start buying maternity clothes until she was eight months pregnant.  I started at this current job when this co-worker was two weeks away from delivery, so I have no idea what that was like for her.  But when she said that I wondered if I too could get away without buying too many maternity clothes until I was eight months pregnant.  This past week confirms that I can not.  I have maybe four pre-pregnancy shirts that fit me and only two maternity shirts in my collection.  Some shopping is in order.  Usually I’d be excited about this, but I’m struggling with this new silhouette.  Between things genuinely not fitting and not being able to tuck (which I used to do to almost all shirts, even when wearing jeans), I’m having a harder time than I expected dressing my bump.  I really thought it would be fun.

But on a good note!  Sean can feel Baby A kick!  It’s so exciting!  Sometimes, depending on how active he is, I can put a phone or something on my stomach and we watch it move.  It’s so fun!

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