Week 22

Week 22

Baby A really likes the sound of Sean’s voice.  Sometimes I feel jealous…but then also try to remember all that time when his movements were just mine to feel and Sean wasn’t in on that fun yet.  Sean says it could be because he hears my voice all day.  Maybe.  It could also be that Sean has the ability to get his face right on my belly and talk directly to him.  I’m not that flexible.  If Baby A is quiet, some talking from Sean will get him going.

Are you tired of hearing about kicks?  You might be tired of hearing about kicks, but it continues to be the most exciting thing.  I know this is technically a week 23 update, but I didn’t really want open my eyes this morning.  Then I felt kicking and I immediately felt awake and ready to get out of bed.  I just can’t get enough of it.  I really love it.

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