Week 23

Week 23We were in California’s wine country this past weekend and when we saw this sign could not resist a double bump picture.

While I don’t follow all the pregnancy food rules to the letter (like cooking salmon all the way to 145 degrees…yuck), there are things I certainly avoid and miss.  A perfect day of food for me once this baby arrives would look like this:

Breakfast: You already know that I would love a poached egg, so two poached eggs on toast with lots of salt and pepper.  I think I’ve actually had dreams about this.

Lunch: TKY from Potbelly and a Diet Pepsi from a fountain.

Dinner: Tuna tartar and oysters as either a starter or afternoon snack, and a slice of pepperoni pizza from Cafe Pizzaiolo, our favorite neighborhood pizza place and Sean’s number one pizza ever.  Until this past weekend I didn’t miss alcohol too terribly much, which shocks everyone including me.  Being in wine country changed that a little and I could go for a glass or two.  So I’d take some bubbly with those oysters and would probably be in the mood for some red come October.

The funny thing about this list is that when it comes to my breakfast and lunch options I wasn’t eating these things on a regular basis before I got pregnant.  Yet here I am declaring them some of the first foods I’d like post pregnancy.

On the topic of food, I haven’t had any cravings.  I want chocolate a whole lot but that’s not really pregnancy related.  That’s just me.  I’m so curious to know what it feels like to want something so badly that you make a special trip to the store or make your significant other take a trip to the store to get it.  Or what is it like to want so badly some crazy combination of things like the classic pickles and ice cream?  I’m so curious!  I wonder if I’ll find out.

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