The Slanted Door

June 2013 West Coast Trip 254After a little under a month of dating, Sean told me he was going to San Francisco for business.  I believe it was his first time.  I didn’t know much about San Francisco, but I really like to plan trips.  I researched what you can do in San Francisco and put together a little list for him.  In spreadsheet format, of course, with proposed arrival and departure times for these activities.  And then I searched the internet for his email address (because we hadn’t gotten to that step of exchanging personal email addresses yet), and sent it off to him at work.  By this point in our relationship I had already done some serious internet prowling on Sean.  When we set our first date via text he gave me the cross streets of his office as a reference for a meeting point.  Little did he know it was also a reference for finding out more about him.  I found his profile on his firm’s website and read an article he wrote.  Part of me felt awkward going into the date knowing all this information we had yet to exchange (last name, undergraduate school, law school, professional activities, etc.), but the other part was very pleased with myself.  Internet dating can be scary!  I wanted to make sure he was legit!  Aren’t I lucky that he didn’t think I was a complete and total weirdo when I told him all of this?  Which, for the record, was before I sent him this email about San Francisco.  He knew what he was getting himself into.

So this itinerary I emailed almost four years ago made a reappearance recently.  Have you ever gone back and re-read emails or texts or actual hand written letters from the beginning of your relationship?  There’s new love magic in those words.  It is so great to experience them again.  You should do it.

On the topic of San Francisco and new love magic, we were in San Francisco to take newlyweds Alli and Mike out to dinner on their honeymoon.  Yes, I wondered the same thing.  Are you kids sure you want to have dinner with your older brother and sister-in-law on your honeymoon?  But they did and Sean was there already there for business so to the West Coast I went!

We took them to The Slanted Door because it’s our favorite in San Francisco (very brief recaps of previous meals there here and here).

San Francisco 010 San Francisco 011 San Francisco 013 San Francisco 015

The food did not disappoint, and Alli and Mike continue to be some of our favorite dinner companions.  They’re delightful to talk to and are willing to try pretty much anything.  This dinner with them was particularly fun because they were brimming with excitement about being newly married, and I loved that.  Not that Sean and I are veterans, but we’ve got some big changes and big stresses in our lives now compared to two years ago.  It was fun to see the freshness of Mike and Alli’s marriage and remember how exciting it was to be on a honeymoon getting free champagne at every turn.

San Francisco 016 San Francisco 017

Happy Honeymoon!

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