Week 24

There’s no picture for week 24.  It’s fitting because last week wasn’t the best.  It wasn’t awful.  Just not great.  If there were a way to hit a pause button on pregnancy, I would have really loved that last week.  I think I had my first bout of acid reflux or heart burn or something on Tuesday.  I’ve never had heart burn/acid reflux before so I’m not familiar with the feeling.  I shared this with a few ladies in my prenatal yoga class who know exactly what I was talking about.  While it doesn’t help it go away, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone.  I felt uncomfortably large most of the week.  Of course in my belly but really all over.  I felt uncomfortably full after eating what I consider a normal meal.  Sometimes even small meals or snacks made me uncomfortably full.  If not uncomfortable then my stomach was upset.  And while baby kicks continue to be completely delightful and my favorite part of all to this, an unhappy stomach and something moving around in it do not make for the best combination.  I never thought I’d see the day I would be in a love/hate relationship with baby kicks, but there’s where I found myself last week.  And I was tired.  This one I attribute to a little bit of a jet lag and a little bit of overbooking ourselves for the week after coming back from a trip like that.  Whatever the reason, I was cranky last week (can you tell?).  I’m still happy to be pregnant, but not every week can be a great week.

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