San Francisco 069

Sean decided we should check out Sausalito while we were in San Francisco a few weeks ago.  I’m so glad he did because we loved it.  We agreed that we would move to Sausalito tomorrow if we could.  It was relaxed and friendly with lots of interesting places to eat, and a quick 30 minute ferry ride back to San Francisco for those times you needed to be in a city.

San Francisco 052 San Francisco 062 San Francisco 061Sean found, an insider’s guide to Sausalito.  It helped us find our brunch spot, Le Garage.  It was delicious but we will be back when I am not pregnant so that I can get Oeuf a la Croque and dip those prefect looking, truffled bread sticks into those soft boiled eggs!


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San Francisco 058

This is a house boat neighborhood.  There are lots of house boats in Sausalito.

San Francisco 065

We spent the afternoon ducking into a few bars to catch the World Cup game (how exciting and devastating was that USA v Portugal game?) and hunting down ice cream.  I wanted ice cream so bad.  I’m not calling it a craving.  Especially because during our Slanted Door dinner Mike told us about a time when his pregnant sister wanted dill pickles so badly.  They were traveling in Europe and there wasn’t a dill pickle to be found.  As soon as they landed back in the US they immediately went to a grocery store to find her some pickles.  She ate them all and then even drank the juice!  That’s serious.  Mine was more of an itch.  We found delicious ice cream and we ate too much of it and made messes of ourselves while eating it and it was so fun!  But we ruined our dinner.  We were supposed to have dinner in Sausalito but couldn’t do it.  So we walked around some more to help our stomachs digest all that deliciousness, plotted out the houses we’d move to sometime in our future, and admired the views of San Francisco before heading back.

San Francisco 068

It was a really great day.

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