Week 26

Week 26I don’t have the strong nesting pull that I read happens to some pregnant ladies. So it’s a little odd that I made the decision to take a week long staycation for just that reason.  Well, I guess I also took the staycation so I had a week to be on my own schedule.  To sleep in until I wanted, to read a book without being interrupted, to take a shower for as long as I wanted, and to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.  At Ashley’s shower a friend who recently had a baby talked about how getting as much done in the second trimester while energy levels were up was a good idea.  She was talking about the nursery, but I thought this was some of the best advice I’d received and decided I would take it.  Even though I wasn’t super enthusiastic about forcing myself to nest and tackling my basement (again…this is my third or fourth attempt to figure out how to organize that space), that’s exactly where I found myself last week.  I also found myself looking at some high school and college photos of me and thinking how weird that person in those pictures will someday seem to Baby A.  “Mom, you had a life before me and how is it even possible that you were ever that young?  That can’t be you.”  Because I did that to my mom.

Anyway, I can’t tell you that my basement is in that much better shape than it was before but it was the best of all my attempts for improvement.  So I’m still calling that a victory.  What I can tell you that I really enjoyed myself.  The week ended up being a happy balance of doing things for myself (like listening to The Goldfinch and working on scrap books), for Baby A (like finding a place for his bottles and other necessities in our kitchen and reading books about how to take care of him when he arrives), and for Sean (like doing his laundry…which doesn’t seem like much but I’m not in charge of Sean’s laundry normally PLUS I folded it and that is my most hated chore).  At first I felt really guilty about taking the time off of work, but in the end it was a great decision.

2 thoughts on “Week 26

  1. 1. I will gladly come do all your laundry once Baby A is here. I LOVE laundry.
    2. Maybe if I listened to The Goldfinch I would like it more…I had a hard time with reading it, and I returned it to the library before I finished.
    3. Love the staycation idea…glad you enjoyed the time to yourself. 🙂

    • 1. This is too tempting (and so sweet) but I can’t possibly take you up on this offer.
      2. I really like listening to books but know that it’s not for everyone. One thing I’ve enjoyed about the reader of The Goldfinch is that he does all the voices. That really makes a difference. If you’re interested in finishing the book, I recommend you give it a shot. I use Audible.com, and we can talk about this more the next time I see you if you’re really interested.
      3. Thank you!

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