Week 27

Week 27I am fascinated by my belly button.  I was a pretty extreme innie before I got pregnant.  I never measured but it was pretty deep and just a slit.  The two sides almost touched.  Now, I’m so close to being an outie!  I wish I had thought to take a picture to compare the difference between then and now.  Sean jokes with me that if he knew I would become an outie he never would have married me.  A deal breaker!  We find this pretty funny.  Isn’t it interesting what other couples find funny?

Throughout this whole pregnancy I’ve at least been conscious of the fact I’ve had a dream the night before.  I don’t always remember the details, but being aware of dreaming is new for me.  Before I only knew I had a dream maybe twice a year.  The recent dreams I remember involve me being allergic to Mexican Coke which caused me to black out yet still consume tons of alcohol but no water (the doctor in my dream yelled at me that I was failing at water consumption) and trying to get to a relative’s house for Christmas via a 2 hour flight only to find out once I landed that they had moved to Maryland and were only a 30 minute drive from my house!  I find these amusing when I wake up.  And a little odd, too.  I don’t feel overly anxious when I’m awake, but I think the anxiety theme of these dreams is hard to deny.

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