Cloth Diapering and Baby Food in Pittsburgh

Guess what?!  My sister Maggie is pregnant!  She’s about 11 weeks behind me and her baby is due in December!  It’s fun that my sister and I are pregnant at the same time.  Maggie and I have cousins right around our ages and I’m glad Baby A and Baby M will have the same experience.  This past weekend I went to visit Maggie in Pittsburgh so that we could do all kinds of pregnancy things together.

I didn’t get a sister picture.  She doesn’t have a bump yet anyway so we can’t have a bump off.  But here’s an adorable picture of her about to have some pizza!  Was pizza a treat in your house?  It was in ours.  Friday nights when we could have soda (!!) without having a glass of milk first.  Maybe that’s why Maggie and I are pizza obsessed even now.

photo 1

When Maggie was visiting over Memorial Day Weekend she mentioned she was considering cloth diapering and making her own baby food.  She knew of a company that held cloth diaper orientations in Pittsburgh.  Sean and I had talked about cloth diapering a little bit before Maggie mentioned it, so when she brought it up I decided it would be fun to attend the orientation with her and find out more about it.

photo 2

There are a lot of cloth diaper options, do you know?  Prefold, fitted, all-in-ones, two-in-ones, pocket.  Going into the orientation we both had vague ideas about our options and our preferred approaches to cloth diapering.  Some of that was confirmed but there was plenty of information we weren’t expecting to receive.  Turns out it’s not just about the diapers but also about how you prepare your washer and dryer, the types of detergents you use, the types of diaper creams you use, and probably other things I’m forgetting.

Maggie and I are very different in some ways, but there’s no denying that we’re sisters.  We processed this information in exactly the same way.
Before the orientation: Yay cloth diapers!  We know what we’re doing!
During the orientation: Wait, all this new information, what?  No.  No.  No.  No.
The next day: Well, you know, we could probably make this work for ourselves.  Maybe.

This decision is a bigger struggle than I want it to be.  Most of it is because I like the idea of doing this with my sister, even though we won’t really be doing it together at all.  Plus, mother earth…which is odd because I don’t even recycle.

But I am 100% on board with making my own baby food!  We’ll have to be careful because we love salt and seasoning, but I love the idea of taking leftovers of our regular food (or setting aside aspects of the meal beforehand) and blending it up so that Baby A can eat what we eat and get used to our style of cooking from the beginning!

Regardless of what each of us decides about these baby items, it was really fun to share the experience with my sister and to talk through these options with her.  Plus she was a really great, flexible hostess and it was really wonderful to spend time with her even when we weren’t talking about baby stuff.  We were both husband-less this weekend and there was something really nice about being just us sisters.

This is a very word-heavy post.  If you’ve stuck with me this far your reward are some pictures of Maggie’s cat, Ace, who has a big personality.photoThis is not an action shot.  This is the way Ace suns himself.  He’s the best cat.

photo 5He likes to be involved in everything, include dinner prep.

photo 4He’s so fat and cuddly!  Even if he’s not anywhere near you, as soon as you sit down Ace sense it, comes running, and finds a place for himself on your lap.


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