Week 28

Week 28Hello third trimester!  There are just 12 more weeks left (assuming we make it the whole way)!  Can you believe it?  At 12 weeks into pregnancy Baby A was just the size of a lime and in just 12 more week he’ll be the size of, well, a baby or the size of a small pumpkin if we’re going to stick with produce.  At 28 weeks he’s an eggplant.  That’s so much growing!

I dropped a tomato on my belly while wearing this outfit.  Luckily I got most of it out.  I always eat with a napkin in my lap but this week I’m reminded that my lap is no longer the first thing food hits when it falls.  Napkins on your belly feels like a weird new rule.

In other news this week I’m very aware of the fact that Baby A has body parts. In addition to kicking and there’s the pressing of arms and legs or his back or I don’t know what against my belly.  He’s also discovered my ribs.  One night this week I tried to bend forward only to realize that oh there’s a baby body part there and that really got in the way of my bending.

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