Week 29

Week 29I forgot to take a picture by myself this week, but this sister bump picture will work!

I’ve gotten to the place where there’s no denying that I’m pregnant and people are just fine to mention it.  I’ve had random men on the street shout CONGRATULATIONS and co-workers, ranging from people I’ve never spoken with directly to people I work with frequently, making comments like “oh, when are you due” to “whoa, Baby A is really sticking out there today!”  I’m fine with all of this.  No stranger has asked to touch or forced themselves on my belly and given me unsolicited advice.  There’s still time, but I’m pretty happy about that.

It’s funny how before I got pregnant I would look at pregnant ladies and think they were a little fragile.  By fragile I mean that I acted as though their bellies were made of glass and one wrong move would cause the whole pregnancy to go awry.  Do you need a chair, some water?  Are you going to be okay walking down the street?!  I remember being in the car with my friend Angie at some point in her third trimester with her newest baby and thinking oh my gosh should she be driving?  Should I tell her to pull over so I can drive?  And now that I am pregnant my thoughts have changed completely.  Of course I have to make adjustments and can’t continue with all activities in exactly the same way, but it’s not so fragile a process.  My belly is not made of glass.  I’m really glad I get to have this experience and a perspective change.

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