Week 30

Week 30We are 10 weeks away from this baby’s arrival!  I’m excited.  Excited because, yes, I’m ready to meet Baby A and see what he’s like and to officially become a mother.  But also excited because the magic of pregnancy is starting to wear off.  I’m tired, but I don’t look forward to going to bed because I can’t get comfortable.  I have a hard time getting comfortable when I sit on the couch and at work and in certain types of chairs.  I have to be careful of certain foods so I don’t get heartburn/the uncomfortable burning sensation in my throat.  I’m iron deficient now and have to juggle another pill (my prenatals are two separate pills that I can’t take together or I don’t feel well and iron pills cannot be taken with prenatals or with calcium or, depending on who you ask, too close to bed time…).  I feel stretched and am just not sure how this belly could get any bigger.  But it has to because we have about 3-5 more pounds of baby to gain.

I try to remind myself that I’m lucky to be having a baby and that I’m happy for the experience, but it’s becoming easier and easier to complain at this point.  Which makes me feel guilty.  I’d like to spare you 10 more weeks of complain-y posts, so if I end up just posting a picture you’ll know know why.

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