Week 31

Week 31While I was in Target this past week I was approached by a young man.  He had on sunglasses and quietly said, “excuse me” with a shy smile with almost the hint that he was about to ask me something as a joke.  I was worried where this might go.  I considered doing a 360 to see if I could spot a hidden camera.  He just had a look.  “Do you know where the hangover juice is?” he asked.  Does he mean Powerade, I wondered?  “Do you need electrolytes?” I asked, in an attempt to confirm my theory.  His English was just okay, so I’m not sure he understood my question.  “I think you want Powerade or Gatorade.”  Thinking that was enough to send him off on his own search, but then “where is it?”  I don’t usually buy food at Target.  While I was in that section at that moment I don’t know it very well.  I was wandering around aimlessly myself trying to find a few snacks for our hospital bag.  “Oh.  I think we need the water section,” I said.  “Let’s try this way.”  The water section wasn’t as easy to find as I thought.  I went up and down a few aisles with this young man trailing me.  Finally we found it.  He did not take my suggestion to go with the calorie free Powerade Zero and instead went for the full calorie yellow colored Gatorade.  I guess that’s what makes horse racing, but I think he made the wrong decision.  He thanked me and as he walked away I told him that he’ll feel much better in the morning if he remembers to take a magnesium pill before bed the next time he drinks.  He had no idea what I was talking about and not really interested.  Which is his loss really.  Between less calories and lower chances of needing the hangover juice in the first place, I was providing him with some great advice.

There were lots of people in the food section of Target.  While no one knew but me (and maybe this kid…or maybe my cart hid the obvious? maybe?), it made me smile to myself that of all the people he could ask he asked the pregnant lady who had accidentally turned into the wine aisle looking for hospital bag snacks about hangover juice.

And isn’t it funny that I still feel relieved that I haven’t received unsolicited advice from strangers about my pregnancy yet that’s exactly what I did to this kid about his hangover?  Hmmmm….  I should probably remember this and try to have some patience if this finally happens to me.  Because best of intentions and all of that.

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