Week 33

Week 33I was in the kitchen at work last Thursday and chatting with the delightful lady that sets up the food in our conference rooms.  She’s always in a good mood, but is especially in a good mood when she chats with me about my baby.  “So much joy.”  Last week she was remembering with me the delivery of her daughter about 32 years ago.  During the DC blizzard of 1982 and I guess I plane fell out of the sky that year?  (Maybe this is it?  While it made me pause for a minute, this was not the focus of our conversation so I forgot to ask questions about what she meant exactly.)  Anyway, this blizzard really caught my attention.  You gave birth during the blizzard?  Did you make it to the hospital?  All of this plays into the fear I shared with you last week that my water will break during rush hour traffic.  I was so caught up on the negative aspects of her delivery, but it all worked out.  Sure there was a blizzard and sure her husband was so nervous that he almost started to drive to the hospital without her, but it worked out.  They didn’t make it to their specific hospital but they made it to a hospital and her daughter was born, survived, and 32 years later has a son of her own.  While I freaked out about the negative she only remembered the positive.  Multiple times throughout our discussion she commented how babies bring so much joy.  Since our discussion, I’m trying very hard to focus to be like my colleague and focus on the positive.  Because when I share my delivery story with a mom-to-be 32 years from now, I want to be able to reassure her that there’s lots of joy and it will all work out.  Even in situations like a blizzard with planes falling out of the sky.

2 thoughts on “Week 33

  1. Lovely story. However it brought back memories for me of that day. Recently graduated from college, I was home and our phone started ringing nonstop. Air Florida had just crashed on the 14 street bridge. It was horrific. It’s nice to know something good happened that day. Also, there was a lot of heroism that day. Glad things are on schedule for you and YOU look marvelous!!!

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