Baby A’s Room

I’m so excited to finally share pictures of Baby A’s room!  Baby A’s room has been finished for awhile now, but that mobile has been holding me up from sharing pictures sooner.  At first I didn’t know what I wanted and then our first method of attaching it to the ceiling didn’t work and it fell down.  I think we figured out a good method now and, aside from things I won’t know I’ll need until the baby comes, the room is complete!

Baby A's Room 001 Baby A's Room 002

We went gender neutral and mostly without a theme.

Baby A's Room 004

Early on I read a recommendation that I should take time out of my day to think about what kind of parent I wanted to be.  This seemed odd to me and I never figured out how someone was supposed to accomplish this.  But I did consider this as I thought about Baby A’s room.  I love quotes, and thought finding and framing quotes that made me think of what I wanted for Baby A was a good idea for the room.  I really love that top left quote.  It’s Conan’s from his final monologue on NBC.  I like the quote starting from “Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get.  But if you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.”  Only that last sentence makes it into almost all prints I could find.  One day Baby A will hear the whole thing.  My print came from Etsy.  Also from Etsy is the Oh, The Places You’ll Go print.  And that last one is almost more for me than for Baby A.  Because I’m not going to get everything right, I’m usually hard on myself, motherhood being no exception, and I just want to remember to do my best and be satisfied with that.  It’s a good quote for Baby A, too.  This print is no longer available from one of my favorite bloggers.  Here’s her shop where she makes other great things.

Baby A's Room 011

Sean built shelves into Baby A’s closet for holding baskets of clothes.  I got jealous that Sean was making something for Baby A with his hands.  He seemed so satisfied about it.  I wanted to make something with my hands, so….

Baby A's Room 005

I crossed stitched this!  The pattern is another Etsy find.  And with this the small theme of moon and stars was born.

Baby A's Room 006 Baby A's Room 007

This little guy was Sean’s when he was a little child and worked into our theme so here is on the book shelf.

Baby A's Room 009

This bootie was given to Sean’s grandmother when Sean’s dad was born.  She gave it to us the last time we were visiting and I’m so happy to have it for Baby A!

Baby A's Room 016

And the mobile, which drove me a little crazy in the beginning but now really love.  I guess Etsy is my favorite source for baby items.  This mobile came from there, too.

And now all we need is a baby!

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