Happy birthday, Sean!

Baby Shower & Baby Sean 024

Happy birthday, Favorite!  It’s hard to believe you were ever that blonde.

In addition to today being Sean’s birthday it is also the one month until due date mark!  A very exciting day indeed.  We’re marking Sean’s day with drinks tonight with friends and a dinner out tomorrow. But he’s a really good man because even though it’s his birthday weekend and you should be the one to pick all the activities on your birthday weekend, he is fully on board to participate in my family’s Miss America activities on Sunday.  Remember how Miss America is a big deal in my family?  Oh my gosh the excitement already!  The ballots are printed!

But, let’s not get too side tracked about what’s really important here.  Sean and his birthday!  Happy birthday, my love!

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Sean!

  1. Happy Birthday to Sean!! And, judging by that picture – I predict that your little guy is going to look adorable!!! Counting down…. (can’t wait!)
    Sending lots of love to both of you.

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