Week 35

Week 35Baby A gets the hiccups all the time!  It averages about once a day.  Sometimes it’s as many as three times and sometimes there’s no hiccups at all, but, again, about once a day.  The internet is so scary.  I should stop reading the internet or be very careful about the internet.  I read something that suggested frequent hiccups could mean something was wrong with the umbilical cord.  So I asked one of my doctors (they rotate so I’m comfortable with whomever is on call when I deliver…and this particular doctor I really love), and she smiled and said that meant the lungs were developing and doing what they need to do.

Despite having applied cream to my belly everyday since probably week 5 or 6 and even though I know cream is not a real preventative (nothing is), I discovered stretch marks this week.  And here’s when the internet is not so scary.  There’s so many people saying wonderful and great things about the pride you should take in your body after baby.  Those stretch marks are beautiful and significant.  While that’s very empowering and wonderful and one day I hope to share those feelings, it’s hard not to be disappointed that I’ve discovered stretch marks on my own belly.  They are never going away.  I will never be the same.  But how could I expect to be?

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