Week 36

week 36A few weeks ago I told my doctor that my brain was a little fuzzy and it was hard for me to think through simple activities, even ones I’d done before.  Was this pregnancy brain?  She said yes, but unfortunately it never really goes away.  Say it ain’t so!  I can’t believe this can be true.  Is this really true?  Pregnancy brain is frustrating.  I know I have an outcome I expect but I just can not figure out how to get there or the first step to take to meeting that expectation.  And for such small things!  Like, how do we organize the glasses in this cabinet?  How do I answer this person’s email when I know I’ve answered emails like this before many times?  Where did I want to go with this sentence?

Anyway, aside from struggling with pregnancy brain we had our last ultrasound last week.  Baby A is so big!  His image doesn’t fit all on one screen anymore.  The tech got a shot of his face and it’s so great!  He’s got such chubby cheeks!  We opted not to get a 3-D (or 4-D?) ultrasound for a few reasons, but after getting a picture of his face with the regular ultrasound I kind of understand now why people want one.  I still think we’ll get to see plenty of his face once he arrives.  Part of me feels bad telling you about this.  I don’t feel comfortable sharing ultrasound pictures with the internet, so I won’t be providing a visual.  But, there will be plenty of Baby A’s face to see in less than a month!

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