Week 37

Week 37

Technically a week 38 update but on Sunday we went to the baptism for my friend Angie’s youngest, Robinson.  As we were leaving the priest asked if he could bless my baby.  After wiping his brow in relief that I was in fact pregnant, he mouthed some words, signed the cross, and placed a gentle hand on my belly.  It made me so happy that Baby A is blessed!

Also a week 38 update (but it’s for the best…I don’t really have anything great to say about week 37) was the phone conversation I had with my mom on Sunday.  In these last few days and weeks when it’s hard not to feel constantly uncomfortable and ready for Baby A to arrive, my mom challenged me to savor every moment of my time in the shower alone, of having the time to complete my full morning routine, and of not having to worry about another human being when I want to make a quick trip to the store.  I have taken the time to straighten my hair every morning so far this week in an effort to meet this challenge.  It’s been easy to put it up lately.  I haven’t needed to go to the store but I am going to a Junior League training tonight and it’s nice that I don’t have to either a) figure out a way to bring the baby with me, b) coordinate my schedule with Sean’s so that the baby isn’t at home alone for any period, or c) hire a baby sitter.  I wouldn’t have thought about it this way had it not been for my mom.  So thanks for this challenge to help me get through to the end, Mom.

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