Last Date Night?

Sean needed a new suit.  It made me pretty happy that he came to this conclusion pretty much on his own because I’ve been wanting him to get a new suit.  I’ve been wanting to just get him a new suit myself, but I haven’t.  Sometimes it’s best if you let someone come to these types of conclusions on their own.  It makes the whole process that much better.  We live close to a mall, a pretty good mall too although we hardly take advantage, but Sean wanted to go into the city for his suit.  On Saturday he decided we’d buy the suit at the Macy’s near his office around 5 p.m. and then make a date night out of it, if I wasn’t too tired.  I felt too tired but I did not say this.  Sean’s really kind to me and is out of this world amazing when it comes to looking after me generally but especially while pregnant and extra pregnant.  Plus, he came to his own conclusion about this suit situation.  It’s the least I could do, right?  Give this man a date night.  He loves date night.  So we got gussied up (in one of the five things that still fit me…and it wasn’t even that gussied, just business casual) and we headed out.

photo 1

And you know what?  I’m sure you do.  It was such a good date night!  I almost never regret going out when I don’t want to yet always have such a hard time remembering this when it’s time to make the decision.

We talked and laughed about all kinds of things.  The Nationals game was on the TV above our table so we peeked at the score and caught the interesting plays from time to time (poor Nats).  Life is a little stressful right now.  Obviously because we’re having a baby, but also for a few other reasons.  This was a very stress free occasion, and it was so nice.

photo 2

This mocktail was probably one of my all time favorites.

Our dinner was delicious and the service was outstanding!  We made friends with the som and staff chatted with us about everything from the weather to our unborn 3

And this dessert!  They called it buttercake but to Sean it tasted almost exactly like his mom’s gooey butter pound cake.  He was in heaven.  We never take leftover dessert home, but this time we did!  And he had that last bites as a snack the next day.

Even though we’re coming up quick on another weekend and still don’t have a baby, we’re wondering (hoping) if last Saturday was out last date night.

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