Week 39

Week 39I’m still here!  Baby A’s still in there!  It was a little sad to see our due date, Sunday the 12th, come and go with barely a cramp, contraction, sore hip, or any other possible labor symptoms to speak of, but at least we know he has to come out eventually.  At least we know he can’t stay in there forever.  At least I’m not uncomfortable.  At least we have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon where we’ll likely schedule an induction and then his arrival will really be in sight.

Last week was my last week of work for awhile, which felt odd.  I’m taking vacation until Baby A comes.  Even though I have a new found love for staycations thanks to the time I took in July, it does feel a little strange to be home from work without a purpose and without a baby.  Although after I hit publish I’m settling in with a viewing of “You’ve Got Mail,” my favorite of all time.  That seems like a pretty good purpose at least for today, huh?

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