Wes’s Photo Project

Before Young House Love decided to stop blogging, I loved checking in on them and seeing their latest DIY project.  When I became pregnant, I knew I’d follow in their footsteps with a weekly photo project for my own little one (see their photo projects for their daughter Clara here and son Teddy here).  My skills aren’t quite to the level of theirs, but doing the best with what I’ve got here is the start of Wes’s weekly photo project.

1 Week  2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks

He’s already getting so big, but for now I’m not sad about it.  I’m really happy he’s growing and changing because it’s hard when we’re both so new at this mother/son thing.  With each day that goes by we get better and we understand each other better.  So bigger equals progress and I’m delighted by progress.  I’m sure next month I’ll be lamenting his growth.

Things are slowly getting easier.  We’re all a little less tired, we all have a few more tricks up our sleeves to get what we want out of the other, and we’re all starting to recognize and understand better our roles.  I’m starting to recognize a little personality in Wes.  And he is, ever so slowly, starting to recognize Sean and me and that we are ones who love and take care of him.  I’m really looking forward to the future when his recognition of us is 100% clear (sometimes we have to guess whether he’s looking at us or the ceiling fan…most of the time it’s the ceiling fan) and it’s matched with a smile or a laugh or a coo.  He’s just starting to get the hang of smiling and cooing, which of course is incredibly exciting.

Things are still hard, too.  But overall we love him and are delighted by him!  I mean he’s so adorable, so how could you not?

11.21.14 032

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