Happy 1 Month, Wes!

Wes is 1 month as of Sunday!  Happy 1 month, sweet baby!  Today was our 1 month well visit and Wes is just that.  Very well!

Wes currently likes:

  • His hands!  He likes nibbling on them, he likes grabbing our pinkies while eating, he likes shoving them in his mouth at the exact same time you’re trying to give him a bottle, and he likes placing them on the bottle as if helping to get the food to his mouth more quickly.  He likes them so much that they can’t be contained by any kind of swaddle.  Seriously, not even the velcro of sleep sacks.  The grunting and velcro sounds that used to come in through the monitor at night while he made his escape attempts!  We’ve given up on hands-in swaddling and everyone is much happier.
  • Cuddles, of course.
  • The ceiling fan, and anything else with a big contrast of colors like the curtains.
  • Time spent in the Ergobaby.

Wes currently dislikes:

  • Diaper changes, especially when they interrupt naps or happen in the middle of the night.  You can’t really blame him for that.
  • Baths.  Sadly.
  • Tummy time, often.  But this might be his mama’s fault for getting the timing of tummy time wrong often.  I will say angry tummy time is pretty effective for working those muscles.

And here’s a giant photo bump of pictures from Wes’s first month:

photo 1photo 2This is how I feel about going to the doctor’s too.

photo 3I love this picture of Sean and Wes!

photo 4photo 5
First bath at home…we didn’t love it.

photo 6
Three generations!

photo 7 photo 8photo 9 photo 10 11.13.14 022 11.13.14 033photo 11 photo 12
Can’t wait to meet our cousin!

photo 26photo 13photo 14photo 15Those squishy lips!

photo 16By some miracle we capture this first smile on film!  A ridiculously exciting day!

photo 17photo 18photo 19photo 20Luckily, he wasn’t carded.

photo 21photo 22 photo 2311.21.14 001 11.21.14 01511.21.14 01611.21.14 018photo 24photo 25

Thanks for indulging me!  That is indeed a lot of my baby all at once!


1 thought on “Happy 1 Month, Wes!

  1. Thank you for indulging us with all these wonderful pictures!! Grandma and Grandpa love getting to see how he grows and showing him off!!!

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