Happy Thanksgiving back!

(Anyone?  That’s a You’ve Got Mail reference.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  What did you do to celebrate?  Our celebration was low key this year.  Until Wes gets his two month shots we’re not able to air travel, so just the three of us hung out at home.  It really made things weird leading up to the day.  Sean and I both agreed that it just did not feel like Thanksgiving this year without the excitement of getting together with family.  In some ways it was nice to be able to do whatever we wanted.  Make the exact dishes we wanted for our feast and not have to fight with any football lovers to watch The National Dog Show.  (Do you watch football or the dog show as your tradition?  I encourage you to give The National Dog Show a try next year.  It’s great!  And I don’t even really like dogs.)  Even though traveling for Thanksgiving will probably happen for many more years for us, it is nice to start to think about what our family traditions will be when we start to host in our home.

Anyway, so we stayed in jammies, watched the parade and the dog show, and ate!  Wes did a lot of sleeping in the first part of the day and a lot of fussing in the second.

Thanksgiving 009

But because of all the fussing he found his thumb, twice!  Yay for self soothing!

Thanksgiving 006

Thanksgiving 007

We may not have showered and stayed in our jammies all day, but that’s no reason to leave the silver off the table!

Thanksgiving 017 Thanksgiving 012 Thanksgiving 019 Thanksgiving 016

Sean made green bean casserole, his favorite.  He texted my mom to get the recipe for my favorite stuffing and surprised me with it for our table.  (You can find the recipe for my favorite stuffing, Guest-Sourced Sausage-and-Apricot Stuffing, towards the bottom of this article.)  Of course mashed potatoes were there and crescent rolls.  Instead of a turkey, which just seemed like way too much for two people, we roasted a chicken.  (Sean’s perfected roasted chicken thanks to this video.)

Thanksgiving 021 Thanksgiving 022

Sean was wearing Wes in the kitchen picture above in an effort to make sure this happened.  Baby wearing for 15 minutes = at least 30 minutes of sleeping.  Thank you for sleeping through the majority of our dinner, sweet baby!  Uninterrupted meal times where we can talk about adult things are a precious commodity these days.Thanksgiving 023

Delicious!  Well done, Favorite!

Sean requested a pumpkin cheesecake instead of pumpkin pie. Martha is my favorite, and this recipe came together so easily!  If I were to do this again I think I’d figure out my own spice blend.  The two tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice gave it a satisfying pumpkin pie flavor, but I would have liked more emphasis on nutmeg and cinnamon personally.

Thanksgiving 026

Overall a nice day, but we’ll be happy when we get back to our regularly scheduled holidays with our families.  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

1 thought on “Happy Thanksgiving back!

  1. Catching up on the blog…love this! I love that you had some time as a little family of three, and that you posted Sean’s menu. And perhaps what I love the most, is seeing that even the gourmet chef uses French’s fried onions. I can’t make my own; I am addicted to those!

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