7 Weeks

7 weeks

I know, there’s no week stamp on this picture.  I’m working on it.

I got a call from my mom today wondering if everything was okay because I haven’t posted in a week.  Everything’s fine.  Well, I am fighting a cold today and have been since Sunday.  (Have you seen these parents don’t take sick days commercials?  They make Sean and me laugh out loud.)  I’m also a little stressed about getting our Christmas presents out the door.  But in general everything’s fine.  It’s just much harder to figure out how to fit everything I want to into my day now with a baby.  My mom and I had this conversation a week or so ago and I had a similar conversation with a friend, Jennie, the other weekend.  Jennie reminded me about this post from one of our favorite bloggers.  Elise’s description of Elise Standard Time in the third paragraph, how there’s order and a list of to-do items to work through, is exactly how I like to structure my day.  But then there’s Ellerie Standard Time which in no way has the same order.  Pretty much the exact opposite.  Elise’s situation is different from mine in that she has an 18 month old so those demands are different than my Wesley’s.  She talks about how she’s found ways to cope with these two time zones.  I can only hope I figure this out eventually.  I think the key for me will be letting go of my expectations of Sarah Standard Time and embracing the joys of Wesley Standard Time.

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